Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Optimum Officiating: AFC Cup 2009 QF 2nd Leg part 4

2009 09 30 South China v Neftchi AFC Cup 2009 4 of 6


At 2:30, South China player (red #22) fouls Neftchi player (yellow #26). Good referee teamwork.

At 4:37, Referee plays advantage and allows South China (red) to carry on attacking. This is Optimal Officiating because a) playing advantage allows the game to flow and remain exciting, and b) prevents South China from using the incident as a means to delay restart.

At 4:55, South China player (red #26) is exhausted because of the advantage just applied by the Referee. The Referee clearly tells the player not to waste time. Then, South China captain (red #11) attempts to influence the Referee and complicate the situation (perhaps to cause more delay?) by saying that there should be a caution for the foul incident at 4:37. This is typical of the kind of pressure and bias players put on Referees. The Referee clearly tells the captain "No". The tackle by the Neftchi player was not reckless and it did not disrupt South China’s attacking move.

At 5:50, another South China player (red #2) goes down with cramp. Neftchi player (yellow #26) and Neftchi captain (yellow #23) reminds the Referee about South China’s delaying tactics. The Referee reassures them that he is keeping a close eye on this and that there will added time. Neftchi captain gives referee the “thumbs up”.

At 6:20, Referee signals for substitution (Neftchi)
At 6:40, Referee has to again manage the delaying tactics of South China. This time, South China are slow to restart play with a throw-in. Neftchi players (like captain yellow #23) are beginning to get irritated. The Referee remains calm.

At 7:30, South China player (red #26) is fouled. Referee’s body language quickly tells him to “get up and get on with it”. Red #26 knows this, and shares a cheeky smile/joke with the referee.

At 8:08, South China player wins ball fairly from Neftchi player. Neftchi player wants a foul. Referee correctly ignores him.

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