Tuesday 15 May 2012

Mike Dean's Manchester Delight and Joey Barton's Juvenile Brutality Part 1

The following incidents occurred during the EPL match between Manchester City and Queens Park Rangers on Sunday 13 May 2012, the final day of the 2011-2012 season. The match finished 3—2.

Referee Mike Dean, who has had the most Premier League appointments this season amongst all PGMOL referees, again had a superb performance (see earlier example here) and was ably assisted by his ARs.

Incident One: Good Advantage

In the 3', QPR (red) fouls a Manchester City player (light blue). Mike Dean plays a good advantage and the ball eventually goes out for a corner kick to Manchester City. Here are the freeze frames:

Here are the freeze frames from another camera angle:

Mike Dean's advantage from another camera age

Observations: Good Positive Signs

In the 5', Referee Mike Dean is relaxed and simply 'bouncing' along. His demeanour and actions give the impression that he is very confident and happy to be there. 

Mike Dean is skipping along, swinging his arms, looking around and gives the positive impression that he is enjoying himself 

At around the 15' mark, Mike Dean is comfortably skipping, sidestepping, backpedalling along, all happy and calm and alert. This is a Referee who is on top form. Remember, this is a crucial crunch match with both teams going all out for a result. But just by looking at the demeanour of the Referee, the importance of the match is not apparent. This is an indication of how comfortable, calm, confident and in control Mike Dean is.

Mike Dean skipping and bouncing along, swinging his arms

In the 24', Mike Dean sets up the wall and the players listen to him. They know he is a good Referee. However, as always these days, the players in the wall will slowly creep forward.

Players in the wall usually tend to slowly creep forward

It is 33' in, and Mike Dean is still bouncing and backpedalling along nicely. When he has time, he turns his head and he turns his body away from the ball … taking the opportunity to look around the FOP.


In the 39', Manchester City score the first goal and the fans in the Etihad Stadium erupt with ecstasy and joy.

I could not help notice the safety hazard of the exposed hooks and wires on the wall

At the start of the second half, and Mike Dean is still very relaxed, calm and alert. He's bouncing around, eager to begin the synchronous start up and down the country for the remaining 45 minutes of the 2011-2012 English Premiership season.

Mike Dean is a Referee on top form, which is why he was likely chosen to officiate this important and potentially historic match. A match where Manchester City could become England's top-tier league champions again after 44 years.

Before the match's conclusion though, there will be roller coaster thrills and spills to be seen in Part 2 and Part 3 of Mike Dean's Manchester Delight and Joey Barton's Juvenile Brutality.

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