Thursday, 25 April 2013

Indecent Assault In Indonesia

The following incident occurred during an Indonesian Super League match between Persiwa Wamena and Pelita Bandung Raya on Sunday 21 April 2013. The match finished 1—2.

In the final 10 minutes of the match with the score balanced at 1—1, the Referee awarded a penalty to Pelita Bandung Raya. Persiwa Wamena's Pieter Rumaropen (green 10) was full of rage and approached the referee from behind to throw a left hook that broke his nose.

The Referee and his bloodied shirt

The Referee was admitted to hospital due to excessive bleeding from his nose. After a delay of 15 minutes, a replacement Referee resumed play. His first action was to send off Rumaropen.

Shocking Video : Punch Referee & Broke his nose ..Bleeding (YouTube)

Three years ago, HKRef observed the same Indonesian team when they visited Hong Kong. The same Edison Pieter Rumaropen is seen engaging in unsporting behavior (playacting and feigning injury). Watch the videoclip.

UPDATE: Apparently, the PSSI (The Football Association of Indonesia) has banned Pieter Rumaropen for life.

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  1. red card??? replacement referee??? do they know in indonesia what insultation of the referee means? i sometimes think that they have different laws of the same game

  2. Replacement referee? Are you joking??
    Suspending the play is the only correct decision..