Friday 21 August 2009

Serious Foul Play by David Beckham

David Beckham of Los Angeles Galaxy appears to be having a "wild" time in the MLS lately. He made a wild, rash and studs-up challenge against a Seattle Sounders player on Saturday 15 August 2009, and the referee correctly sent him off for serious foul play.

[Los Angeles Galaxy's David Beckham connects "studs up" with Seattle Sounders' Peter Vagenas that saw him receive a red card in the 16th minute]Afterward, Beckham was quoted as saying: "Pete is one of my best friends … I think it's a hard tackle but not with means for a red card. I've never gone in one tackle wanting to hurt someone. The referee saw it differently."

I'm glad the referee saw the seriousness of the tackle differently to Beckham! And that is why Beckham is not a referee.

The speed, intent, and aggression of the tackle, plus the position of the tackler can be assessed from the following videoclip:

David Beckham set to pay the price for MLS red card... £150 that is! (Daily Mail)
Video: Beckham's Red Card (Washington Post)
David Beckham's red card against Seattle Sounders (YouTube)

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