Thursday 8 October 2020

What’s This Badge? UEFA Match Official

This badge was seen on the referee of the international friendly match between Portugal and Spain on Wednesday 7 October 2020. UEFA Match Official. What is it?

Don’t ask me! I don’t know what this badge means either!

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Nasty Tackles and Dark Arts

The EPL on 11 January 2020, in the match between Arsenal and Crystal Palace this incident happened:

And on 7 May 2011, in the match between Blackpool and Tottenham Hotspur this similar incident happened:

In both incidents, the referees missed the serious foul plays. The difference being that in 2020, there is VAR to help with incidents that are "clearly and obviously" missed by the referee. And yet in 2020 there are still people who are attempting to downplay these incidents by appealing to the FA to reduce the standard 3-match ban for serious foul play.

Football Dark Arts.