Friday 23 April 2010

Offside and Consistency

The following incidents occurred during the Atletico Madrid and Liverpool Europa League first leg semi-final match on Thursday 22 April 2010. The match ended 1—0.

In the first half, Liverpool scored but the goal was disallowed due to the AR flagging for offside. The following two freeze frames show that the AR was well positioned but his split-second decision was incorrect.

[As Liverpool (black) pass the ball, the Liverpool attacker is onside]

In the second half, Atletico Madrid had a goal scoring opportunity from a similar passing situation but slightly further upfield. The following two freeze frames show that the AR is again well positioned and his split-second decision is correct.

[As Atletico Madrid (white/red) pass the ball, the Atletico Madrid attacker is onside]

For both non-offside incidents, the AR was well positioned and yet made the correct decision once. In the first incident, the AR is facing the field of play (i.e. he is sideways on) when he made the incorrect call; in the second incident, the AR has his head turned towards the field of play (i.e. he is running down the touch line) when he made the correct call. Are there any explanations and remedies?

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