Friday 6 May 2011

Red Card for Offinabus

The following incident occurred recently (April 2011) in Brazil's Campeonato when Atletico Mineiro midfielder Richarlyson ran towards the referee and said something that was offensive, insulting or abusive.

The referee, without hesitating, correctly whistled play to stop and then sent off the offending player.

Hopefully, Richarlyson (bottom right) learns an important lesson

Watch the incident on YouTube here: Red Card 25 seconds after kick-off

Bizarrely, instead of leaving the pitch straight away so that the match could restart, Richarlyson had time to speak to journalists by the touch-line and declare his amazement at being sent off.

One benefit from this incident is the increased media exposure, so hopefully other players, coaches, commentators and fans can learn that it is wrong to abuse match officials.

For this kind of action to have an important impact (also see Education, Education, Education), it is crucial that match officials be consistent and communicate clearly to all clubs that they are prepared to take these measures in a bid to clamp down on players who always seem to be full of colourful, cursive cuss-words.

Respect the Referees!


  1. Are you going to comment on the gutless Mike Jones and his lack of courage to send off Emile Heskey? That was a disgrace from Jones. He let down every local park referee in England.

    This idea of managing player excesses and outrageous behavior instead of punishing it has gone too far. Referees are now ignoring obvious yellow and red cards all so they can keep a "spectacle."

  2. Thank you Anon. I was in the midst of constructing a post along those lines when your timely comment appeared.