Monday, 15 August 2011

Stamp Out Stamping

The following incident occurred on the first day of the English Premier League 2011-2012 season during the Newcastle and Arsenal league match on Saturday 13 August 2011. The match finished 0—0.

Arsenal's Alex Song (red) stamps on Newcastle's Joey Barton (black). Pic from Reuters.

Referee Peter Walton (blue) apparently missed the incident even though at the time he was positioned nearby

None of the match officials (Referee Peter Walton and his team) apparently saw this incident, and the amount of ill feeling in the match manifested itself with 8 YCs and 1 RC. Since all match officials missed the incident this lends itself to a review of video evidence.

If the FA are to be consistent with cracking down on these nasty incidents, they will give Arsenal's Alex Song a three-match ban for his stamp on Newcastle's Joey Barton. A similar incident occurred last season where Birmingham's Lee Bowyer maliciously stamped on Arsenal defender Bacary Sagna (and where coincidentally Peter Walton was the match Referee).

Player Attitude, Gamesmanship and Dishonesty ...
Joey Barton (black) makes his feelings known to Alex Song (red, middle)

Shaking hands

... But then the players literally kiss-and-make-up. What's that all about?

Remember, Referees have to deal with complaints from players. And when the same players who have just been at loggerheads then exhibit this 'friendly' attitude, what are Referees to do? Perhaps this little blog can highlight the inconsistency, irrationality and immaturity of players.

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