Friday 30 September 2011

Penalty Poser

The following incident occurred during the match between Manchester United against Chelsea on Sunday 18 September 2011. The match finished 3—1.

In the 55', Referee Phil Dowd awards a penalty to Manchester United when Jose Bosingwa was judged to have fouled Man United's Luis Nani. Here are the freeze frames:

From the penalty kick, the ball went wide of the goal and restart was a goal kick to Chelsea.

Penalty Poser 1: What should have been the restart?

Furthermore, even though Rooney did not score his penalty (which would have made it a hat-trick of hat-tricks for him in three consecutive matches), the challenge by Chelsea's Jose Bosingwa (blue #17) on Man Utd's Luis Nani (red #17) was not a foul. The BBC news report incorrectly said: "Nani … was hauled down by Bosingwa as he chased the rebound." In fact, Bosingwa played the ball and Nani ran into Bosingwa's foot which caused him to lose balance. Here are the freeze frames:

Referee Phil Dowd appears to have a good view of the incident.

Penalty Poser 2: Should this have been a penalty?


  1. Free kick to Chelsea for Rooney hitting the ball twice.

    It's unclear from those pics whether it's a foul or not in the first place, but on seeing replays I thought the ref got it right. If we can't agree even WITH the evidence it shows what a hard job he has!

  2. Indirect free kick to Chelsea.

    The 4th photo shows Bosingwa's foot connecting with the ball, and Nani tripping over Bosingwa's lower leg because Nani could not get to the ball first. The referee had a good view but this all happened at high-speed, which makes it difficult to get the correct decision.

    Nice blog!