Friday 23 December 2011

A Couple of Casual Calls and Perhaps the Christmas Cheer Factor

The following incidents occurred during the EPL match between Manchester City and Stoke City on Wednesday 21 December 2011. The match finished 3—0.

Incident One First Goal

In the 29', Sergio Aguero (blue 16) benefits from being in an offside position to score Manchester City's first goal. The AR missed this offside.

Although 'offside' was my first thought, having looked at the replay, and with the helpful white line drawn in for emphasis, I stand corrected and accept that Aguero was onside.

The Stoke City defender's leg is slightly in front of Aguero's body

Incident Two Missed Foul and Third Goal

In the 54', with Manchester City up 2—0 the Sky Blues benefited from a missed foul and scored their third goal (Aguero's second). A Stoke City player (red/white) is tripped by a Manchester City player (blue) right in front of Referee Mike Dean. But Dean allows the turnover and hence play continues which subsequently leads to Manchester City scoring. Here are the freeze frames:
Having been tripped, the Stoke City player looks on in bemusement as Referee Mike Dean lets play continue

Incident Three Missed Foul

In the final minutes of the match, with Manchester City winning 3—0, a Stoke City player (red/white) jumps up to head the ball in the Manchester City half and is fouled. Here are the freeze frames:
However, neither the R or AR1 called it. Subsequently, Manchester City gained possession and from that managed to go on the attack and create a shot on goal.


Christmas Cheer: Referee Mike Dean with AR1(yellow flag) and AR2(diamond flag)

A couple of missed calls by the R and AR and just an impression that perhaps the match officials were taking things a bit too casually leading up to Christmas. Which leads me nicely on to wishing everyone Happy Holidays!


  1. Totally agree with you on the analysis of both MC/SC game and SC/WW game.

    I would also appreciate your thoughts on the RVP denied penalty incident at Villa. My opinion - as a referee - is that Moss got the call spot on. Warnock makes no contact with initial foot placement. RVP kicks the ball 2-3 meters ahead, and leans into leg of the fullback, urging the penalty. Great decision to caution for UB.

  2. You are really going to analyze two potentially trifling, 50/50 calls in a game? Those "missed" calls in the middle of the pitch may have led to goals, but why aren't you asking why Stoke didn't defend better? Why don't you point out the fouls that Dean called that weren't and that might have taken away goal scoring opportunities to Man City? You can't because you just watch the Match of Day highlights and not the entire game.

    Don't drag a good referees name in the mud, by pointing out that he might have missed two fouls in midfield in a game that was as physical as this one.

    What's even more laughable besides this selective editing is that you are blaming it on referees being lazy and distracted. It's ridiculous. The EPL is a physical and fast paced league some fouls will be missed and let go in the middle of the park.

    Why don't you watch the whole game instead of just looking at the highlights on MOTD and "saying there might be a foul there?"