Monday 13 February 2012

It's All EARs In Brazil

Looking at the highlights of the Brazilian Football State Championships (Carioca) match between Flamengo and Madureira played on 8 February 2012, it can be seen that the organisers in this competition are using additional or extra ARs (EARs) as introduced by UEFA in 2009. The match finished 1—0, with Ronaldinho missing a penalty.

Highlights: Flamengo and Madureira, 8 February 2012 (YouTube)

However instead of following or copying UEFA's modification this season in switching the placement of EARs to the side of the goal line nearest the AR, the Brazil EARs remain positioned on the far side of the goal line.

The Brazil EARs also appear to be taking an active role in communicating and signalling with the players and the match Referee. It should be noted that the Brazilian Football State Championships, which runs from January/February to April/May, has a history of including "obscure formats" and experimenting with "proposed innovations in rules".

The match officials do not use CommLink systems, and have to rely on plenty of eye contact and team awareness.

Goal Kick but also Offside
The EAR signals a goal kick but the AR has signalled for Offside

In this incident, the EAR receives an earful from the goalkeeper because of the lack of communication between the match officials.

Corner Kick

Goal Kick


Penalty Kick
Ronaldinho misses his penalty kick and the EAR signals a goal kick

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