Monday 18 January 2010

Holding is an Offence

Everton were in control and already 1-0 up against Manchester City, when just before half time a penalty was awarded for a holding offence . Everton 2 - 0 Man City.

[Micah Richards holding Louis Saha's shirt. Pic from BBC sport.]

The AR flagged the offence, and Referee Andre Marriner whistled and pointed to the penalty spot. What is interesting is the signal used by the AR to indicate a penalty.

It is important that the Referee briefs his ARs before the match, so that there is a good understanding of how they should work together. Consistency is important too, so all match officials must not let this be an isolated incident.

Everton boss David Moyes on Louis Saha's penalty:
"I don't think you can have a great deal of argument. If you pull someone's shirt and it is as blatant as that then there's no argument."

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini:
"For me, it was no penalty, 2-0 at half time it changes the situation.

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