Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Referee’s Optimal Position is All Relative

English Premiership referee Howard Webb had a very good game overall when officiating the Wolves 0 – 2 Wigan match. Webb is obviously very fit and for the last two years has no doubt been preparing himself as England’s top referee for the 2010 World Cup.

However for Wigan’s second goal, although Webb believed he was in the optimal position during Wigan’s attack, the defending Wolves team will surely argue against that. This is because Webb’s positioning unfortunately prevented Wolves defender David Jones from getting near the ball following a rebound. This is not the referee’s fault.

[Howard Webb is in an optimal position for a referee ... and for the attacking team ... but not for the defending team!!]

Wolves manager Mick McCarthy joked about it:
The referee put a block in on David Jones which impeded him. When Marcus [Hahnemann] made the save, I would have liked one of my players to have the chance to get the rebound rather than be blocked by the ref.

David Jones did ask the referee [about being impeded by the referee].
He [the referee] said he was trying to get in the best possible position to er, block him, no sorry, to have a view of [the area].

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