Tuesday 14 December 2010

Self-Censorship at UEFA

It is notable that UEFA, from its official match reports and video highlights, does not mention any controversial decisions like the two missed penalty decisions (as posted here) in the Marseille and Chelsea Champions League final group match on Wednesday 8 December 2010.

This is perhaps a reason NOT to watch official highlights or read official match reports from competition organisers (to avoid being exposed to self-censorship and inherent conflicts of interest).

In contrast, the BBC News Sport report mentioned the two missed PK decisions and shows a dynamic photo (below, courtesy of Getty Images) of Chelsea's Florent Malouda being sent flying by Marseille's Souleymane Diawara in the 16th minute.

Note: Some people (like Martin Rødvand) believe Malouda exaggerated his fall; which is a fair comment.

Other sports pages also commented on the controversial non-penalty decisions such as:

Brandão leaves Carlo Ancelotti feeling blue as Marseille beat Chelsea (Guardian)

Marseille 1 Chelsea 0: Brandao strikes as problems pile up for Blues boss Carlo Ancelotti (Daily Mail)

Caption from Daily Mail: Not guilty: Souleymane Diawara holds his hands up as he is let off the hook again as Solomon Kalou takes a tumble inside the box

Generally, competition organisers such as FIFA, UEFA, AFC, EPL, etc, will provide non-controversial content on their official websites. But when it comes to reading and commenting on significant incidents, and reviewing performances of players and officials, it is better to go to dedicated sports sites that have a proven and reliable track record.

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