Thursday 30 July 2009

Referee in China Hounded, Chased, and Pushed by Tianjin Players

I first noticed this news story (Referee chased off pitch by players) on the BBC website and immediately wanted further information. The BBC videoclip (34 sec) does not include any incident(s) detailing the bizarre circumstances, and the text did not have any description aside from saying "angry football players for the Tianjin football team in China chase a referee around after losing a game".

After a little detective work, I managed to find slightly better videoclips on YouTube (35 sec) and CNN (45 secs)

Referee in China Gets Attacked

These videoclips show the referee giving a red card to a Tianjin substitute who is on the bench, and to a Tianjin player (no 14) for stamping on the chest of a Beijing player. We also see the Tianjin goalkeeper (no 1) hounding the referee at the final whistle, Tianjin player (no 8) chasing the referee, and Tianjin player (no 12) sprinting towards the referee and pushing him to the ground.

The behaviour of these players (plus the behaviour of their coaches and/or managers) is appalling and is to be condemned. Referees do not deserve this kind of abuse anytime, anywhere or from anybody.

More match details, history and consequences to follow in my next post.

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