Thursday 30 July 2009

Referee in China Hounded, Chased, and Pushed by Tianjin Players: Match Details

I managed to find more details about the football match between teams from Beijing and Tianjin. The match date was Sunday 26 July 2009, and it was not a Chinese Super League match.

It was an Under-20 qualification match to determine the final team for the 11th National Games, which are scheduled for 11-23 October and involves eight U20 Chinese teams. The Beijing team beat the Tianjin team 3-1.

According to Xinhua News Agency, the qualification match took place in Tai'an city in east China's Shandong Province. Various news reports of the match appear inconsistent, but generally what happened was:
At 1-1, referee He Zhibiao (何志彪) gave a red card to a Tianjin player, who had been substituted and was sitting on the players’ bench, for foul and abusive language.
At 2-1, the referee gave a red card (second yellow) to a Tianjin player. Then a Tianjin defender stamped on the chest of an opponent, and was shown a straight red for serious foul play.
Apparently, the Tianjin goalkeeper became “distraught and disheartened” and tried to leave the pitch but the Tianjin coach Sun Jianjun physically pushed him back on. Emotions among Tianjin players and coaching personnel were sky high.
In injury time, a Tianjin player scored an own goal to make it 3-1. Tianjin knew they were eliminated from the National Games.

When the referee blew for full time, the Tianjin players started to target the referee.

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