Saturday 12 September 2009

Belgian Player Gets 11-Match Ban For Shocking Horror Tackle

Stamp Out Stamping. I’ll say it again … Stamp Out Stamping.

Players who prefer to go “over the ball” when challenging for the ball must be sent off for serious foul play. No question. The aggressive nature of this kind of misconduct on the pitch is excessive and should be eliminated from the game. Players who do this always plead innocent and that they meant no malice,* but it should be obvious that there is intent to injure an opponent. If the situation were reversed, would the same player (now the victim) complain if the referee does not send off his assailant?

The following video shows a frightening challenge in a Belgian First Division league match between Standard Liege and Anderlecht.
DO NOT WATCH if you are faint of heart!
Suffice it to say, Standard Liege midfielder Axel Witsel (red shirt) goes over the ball and stamps down on the right leg of Anderlecht’s Polish defender Marcin Wasilewski (blue shirt). It is a nasty tackle and the resultant double fracture is gruesome to watch.

Perhaps all players, coaches and managers should be made to watch this kind of tackle (plus other nasty challenges and misconduct) as a preventive measure? I would certainly advocate this.

* At the 2002 World Cup match between Brazil and England, Ronaldhino did the same to Danny Murphy. Stamp Out Stamping. Ronaldhino received a straight red but what was reprehensible was that Ronaldhino was still pleading innocent when it was clear that a player of his wonderful talent went “over the ball” with the intent of injuring an opponent. The misconduct occurs at 2:17 of the videoclip.

Horrible Tackle On Marcin Wasilewski - Anderlecht vs Standard Liège - 30th august 2009 (YouTube)
Ronaldinho vs England WC 2002 (YouTube)

Phew! Arsenal's Eduardo can sleep easy as Standard Liege brute Axel Witsel gets 11 game ban for horror tackle and misses Champions League clash

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