Friday 11 September 2009

Chinese Football Association Awards More Suspensions and Fines

Referees in the Chinese Super League are still being physically abused (e.g. by being spat on) and verbally abused. And this is despite the Chinese Football Association (CFA) declaring to reduce unsporting behaviour after the serious incident where a referee was hounded, chased and pushed in July 2009.

In what should be seen as a "major loss of face", the CFA handed out severe punishments between September 5 and 9; dates that coincided with FIFA's international Fair Play Days.

During those five Fair Play Days,
the CFA meted out harsh penalties to seven players and club officials for offenses in CSL matches. Details are:

Eight-match ban and 40,000 yuan (US$5,500) fine to Shandong Luneng's Serbian striker Aleksandar ivkovic for spitting at the referee during a derby match in Qingdao.

Four-match ban and 20,000 yaun (US$2,750) fine to Hangzhou Greentown substitute Wang Hongyou for throwing his boot at the referee from the bench during a match against Shenzhen.

Three-match ban and 20,000 yaun (US$2,750) fine to Changchun's Liu Cheng for a "flagrant foul" (i.e. serious foul play) on Shanghai's Tao Jin. The incident sparked brawls during and after the match with Shanghai.

Three-match ban and 20,000 yaun (US$2,750) fine to Shanghai head coach Jia Xiuquan for surrounding and verbally abusing the referee on the pitch. Shanghai FC's translator Xie Hui, doctor Zhang Peng and player Chen Tao all received fines and bans too. Incidentally the referee involved was He Zhibiao, who had previously been chased across the pitch and then pushed to the ground by a Tianjin provincial player, who was banned for life in July.
[Referee He Zhibiao was involved in another high-profile abuse case, just 6 weeks after he was hounded, chased and pushed to the ground.]

Unfair play day! (Reuters)

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