Tuesday 1 September 2009

Do Referees Need Additional Help to Catch Divers?

"The time is now" for some kind of additional assistance to be given to referees ... at least at the highest levels of football and in the professional game. This is according to Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United, who has weighed in on Arsenal striker Eduardo da Silva's dive that is regarded as "deceiving the referee".

The long-time debate about helping referees – whether through technology or extra officials – will not go away. Ferguson said:
"For the last decade there has just been talk. Nothing has been done. The time is now. Michel Platini [President of UEFA] has his own views about bringing in extra human assistance with additional referees and assistants but most people in the game think technology should be used."

"Whatever the debate it should lead to something more positive in terms of helping referees in situations like Wednesday night [Arsenal vs Celtic, Champions League group qualifier]. There is no question that the speed of the game means technology or additional assistance should be used."

I have often wondered what are Referees' views on this debate? Referees are either not asked for their opinions, or are not quoted by the media, or are simply too diplomatic to say anything either way!

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