Wednesday 9 February 2011

Positive Signals From Sian Massey

A positive outcome from the generally negative fallout of the Sky Sports presenters’ sexist comments about Sian Massey is the increased media attention towards ARs and their duties.

Sian Massey displaying great form, focus and running technique as an AR in the English Premier League (pic from EMPICS)

The achievements of Massey, and her anticipated continued development, is to be applauded. Although unexpected, she has perhaps become a role model for budding match officials. Therefore, not all media attention is bad or detrimental.

Throw-in flag signal (pic from PA)

This second photo looks slightly awkward (although allowance must be given to whether the timing of the photo capture was actually at the optimal end point of Massey’s flag signal). This gives HKRef a convenient reason to state that the flag should be like as an extension of the arm.

Go Sian!

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