Wednesday 2 February 2011

Who’s Being Disrespectful Here?

The following incident occurred during the Bundesliga match between Bayern Munich and Werder Bremen on Saturday 29 January 2011. The match finished 3—1.

Bayern Munich winger Arjen Robben grabs team-mate Thomas Muller by the throat, to give out his message that Muller was being disrespectful (pic from Getty Images).

Bayern Munich winger Arjen Robben was annoyed that team-mate Thomas Muller had complained and gesticulated wildly at him when he failed to pass the ball to Muller. Robben is quoted:
“I hate it when team-mates constantly raise their hands and complain. It is disrespectful. We are a team. We don't need to do that. We have got to be role models and should not make such gesticulations.”

Hmmm. Arjen Robben telling others to behave respectfully. And when others do not behave respectfully, he feels obliged and justified to physically attack any dissenters. Isn’t grabbing someone by the throat being disrespectful too? If, as Robben claims, he is a role model then what message does his actions give?

Let’s think back to Robben’s actions during the 2010 World Cup Final, when he ran towards referee Howard Webb and complained constantly and gesticulated wildly .

Hypothetically, how would Robben feel if, during the World Cup Final, Howard Webb had turned around and grabbed his throat for being disrespectful?

Obviously, Webb did the right thing and cautioned Robben. Referees can dream though, right? Lol.

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