Monday 19 March 2012

Hong Kong Police Arrest 10-year-old Soccer Player

The unfolding saga sees the police arrest the 10-year-old ESF Lions player who kicked his opponent in the head.

What in Hong Kong is going on?


10-year-old arrested for kicking opponent in Hong Kong football match
Hazel Parry | 18 March 2012

Hong Kong (dpa) – A 10-year-old boy was arrested for allegedly kicking an opposing player in the head during a football match in Hong Kong, a news report said Sunday.

Police arrested the expatriate boy for assault after a video of the incident last weekend was viewed by more than 200,000 people on YouTube, the Sunday Morning Post newspaper said.

The boy was released on bail to report to police next month.

The injured 12-year-old reportedly suffered bruising and loose teeth but was not seriously injured.

The minimum age for criminal liability in Hong Kong is 10.


  1. I also read that the blue club's lawyers threatened the videographer to take the video down from Youtube. (Because on the internet, threats always make a problem disappear, not get worse ... *eye roll*

  2. Thank you Anon. This particular videoclip has over 1.6 million hits (as of now), so I guess the lawyers failed in their quest. In addition to being arrested, the 10-year-old boy has also been suspended for the remainder of the season in that league. There has been no announcement or news about any disciplinary sanctions for the coach (of the blue team).

  3. The blue coach, judging from his body language and aggressive behaviour, is not suited to work with young footballers at all - he does not set a good example nor supervise/reprimand his players. He is adamant that he has done nothing wrong and that "fouls are important tactics in football..." He also claims to be a qualified Referee as well, and has been advertsing himself as head coach in the Discovery Bay ESF Easter sports camp.

  4. Update: The Hong Kong police will not prosecute the 10-year-old boy, who was arrested on suspicion of kicking a 12-year-old in the head during a U13 soccer match.

    Finally, some common sense in this silly saga.