Saturday 10 March 2012

Six Suspicious Substitutes

The following incident occurred during the Bundesliga match between Wolfsburg and Hoffenheim on 25 February 2012. The match finished 1—2.

In the 69', with Hoffenheim (black) leading 1—0, Wolfsburg (green) were awarded a penalty.

Six suspicious Hoffenheim substitutes (red bibs, black shorts) standing on the goal line

During the penalty kick, several Hoffenheim substitutes (red bibs, black shorts) were standing on the goal line. They were shuffling and moving about, and the substitute closest to the goal was edging closer and closer to the goal post during the penalty kick.

The match officials should have been aware of this and taken action to remove the substitutes from the vicinity before the penalty kick was taken. The Referee would also have been correct to caution the substitute nearest the goal who was obviously trying to distract the penalty taker.

At this level, it is a puzzle why the match officials allowed such a scenario to take place.

Question: Had the Wolfsburg player missed his penalty, what would have been the proper restart?

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