Friday 16 March 2012

Violent Conduct by a 10-year-old Football Player in Hong Kong

Last weekend in a U12 football match in Hong Kong, a 10-year-old boy kicked his opponent in the head. The videoclip of the incident, plus other unfair challenges, went viral within days.

ESF player (blue 2) kicks his opponent (Kitchee white) straight in the face

The caption is written by the videoclip uploader.
IMHO, kids at that age should understand what is right and wrong.

Kitchee U12 v ESF U12 dirty tackles (YouTube)

The youth football community in Hong Kong is taking a long hard look at itself. In the past week there has been much written and blogged about this issue, and there will be more to come in the weeks ahead.

What is the root cause, and who is ultimately responsible?


  1. Looks like that blonde kid was at the root of most of the "action" prior to the face kick, so the referee should have gone through the usual process, warn him the first time (late push on a player), caution him the second when he tripped white, (which should have been a caution just by itself), and then if he refused to get the hint, send him off the next time.

  2. this appears to be deliberate kick.there should be an investigation into this to ensure that justice is served.

  3. The coach appears to be living in colonial master days from the way he behaves.why he is employed here when he behaves like this. He appears to that he does respect Asian parents.

  4. Come on please, the boy was wrong, no question, but the video shows a VERY one sided angle to a game and I see half a dozen fouls from ESF, but strangely no fouls were recorded from Kitchee in the edited version. I played soccer in HK for 14 years and I can assure you it is two sided in every game, so lets not overreact and start to bring the racism card into a game of 11 year olds who have grown up in HK with Asian kids as friends. If there was intent in the selected tackles, it's more than likely down to disliking the fact that they were getting beaten by a far better team. The kids are just that, kids and as it usually is with kids sports it's the parents that should be ashamed of themselves for that behavior. Whoever edited the video has a right to be upset, but it's akin to tacky lazy journalism; manipulate te details and sell it as you want people to see it.