Tuesday 25 September 2012

Tasty Probert Sandwich Taken In Good Spirits

The following incident occurred during the EPL match between Wigan Athletic and Fulham on Saturday 22 September 2012. The match finished 1—2.

In the 15', Referee Lee Probert was scythed down simultaneously from behind by Fulham's Steve Sidwell (black 7) and in front by Wigan's Ben Watson (blue/white 8). Here are the freeze frames:

Lee Probert displayed a good sense of humour to lighten the mood. Fortunately, he was up and running again and did not seem to suffer physically from the incident.

Technically, Probert could have cautioned both players for being reckless. However, this would not have gone down well with players, supporters and commentators.

Mark Halsey was the 4th Official, and in the event of a serious injury to the match Referee he would be the replacement. Probert was not harmed, and humour also prevailed. 

Mark Halsey did not have to come on, and the next day took charge of the emotionally-charged Liverpool vs Manchester United match

BBC's Match of the Day heaped further jokes on Probert with this incident as soon as Probert was ready to restart play. Here are the freeze frames:

Wigan's Ben Watson appears to have got it in for Probert, doesn't he?

Considering Lee Probert's recent history in the EPL (see Probing Lee Probert Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Progress Report; and What is Probert Looking At?), this "experience" of being mown down should stand him in good stead by allowing him to "taste" such challenges. Hopefully, he will not "miss" or "let go" any unsavoury challenges similar to the ones he has missed before.

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