Tuesday 13 October 2009

Optimum Officiating: AFC Cup 2009 QF 2nd Leg part 1

2009 09 30 South China v Neftchi AFC Cup 2009 1 of 6


At 1:45, South China player (red #21) makes a tactical foul. By the reaction of the South China players (there are 4 red shirts crowding the ball), it is obvious that the intention is to delay restart. The Referee has the option to caution player #21, but instead opts to send a warning to the player. The Referee’s body language clearly says: “Any more, and it’s a caution”.
It actually takes 1 minute from the foul until the free kick restart.

At 3:45, foul.

At 7:14, Referee does a little shimmy (sidestep) to avoid getting in the way of play.
At 7:18, Referee spots an infringement.

At 8:50, Referee signals for a corner to South China. Referee takes proactive steps to guide the South China captain (red #11) to the corner and not to delay restart. Red #11 acknowledges this by patting the Referee’s butt!

At 9:26, Referee again signals for a corner to South China and again takes proactive steps.
At 9:50, Referee gives a clear broadcast message for players to refrain from holding and to behave.

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