Tuesday 13 October 2009

Optimum Officiating: AFC Cup 2009 QF 2nd Leg part 5

2009 09 30 South China v Neftchi AFC Cup 2009 5 of 6


At 0:02, Neftchi player (yellow #19) fouls South China player (red #22). Referee remains calm and proactive.

At 1:23, South China captain (red #11) fouls Neftchi player (#22). Referee quickly covers ground to be present to manage the situation. South China captain is delaying restart, Netfchi player tries to place ball closer to goal, and Referee is keeping everything under control. The AR is helping by signaling to the 2-man wall not to encroach.

At 2:23, Neftchi player (yellow #29) fouls South China player (red #26). Good support by the AR, who signals to and then tells the referee that it was a tactical foul deserving a caution.

At 3:51, Referee signals to the 4th official to give 5 minutes of additional time. Additional time is allowed for 5 things: substitutions; assessment of injury to players; removal of injured players from the field of play for treatment; wasting time: and any other cause.

Referees guidelines recommend that 30 seconds by allowed for every goal or substitution, and 1 or 2 minutes be added for injuries and/or time-wasting, if they have occurred. Considering there were 4 substitutions and lots of time-wasting, giving 5 minutes of additional time seems correct and fair.

At 5:40, the 4th official announces there will be 5 minutes of additional time.

At 6:30, South China win a throw-in, and the Referee takes proactive steps to limit any delay in the restart.

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