Tuesday 13 October 2009

Optimum Officiating: AFC Cup 2009 QF 2nd Leg part 2

2009 09 30 South China v Neftchi AFC Cup 2009 2 of 6


At 00:50, South China player (red #21) falls to the ground. The Neftchi player (yellow #6) did not foul his opponent, and in fact withdrew his right leg to avoid any follow-through. The Referee deals with the theatrics and delaying tactics with a friendly gesture: he offers his hand to the red shirt.

At 2:35, Referee awards a free kick to Neftchi. However, not sure why this is an indirect free kick, since there was contact between the players as they challenged for the ball.

At 4:38, Referee signals for substitution (South China).

At 6:38, Referee signals for South China corner. Neftchi captain (yellow #23) is concerned about time-wasting, but the referee reassures him that time will be added on.

At 7:19, Referee has signaled a South China corner and is being proactive. The referee sends a broadcast message for South China not to delay restart.

At 8:10, Referee spots a South China player fall to the ground. It is another delay tactic by South China. Again, the referee reassures the Neftchi captain (yellow #23) that he is aware of the time.

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