Tuesday 13 October 2009

Optimum Officiating: AFC Cup 2009 QF 2nd Leg part 3

2009 09 30 South China v Neftchi AFC Cup 2009 3 of 6


At 0:01, Neftchi player (yellow #26) fouls South China player (red #30).

At 1:30, Neftchi player (yellow #26) is fouled by a South China player. The funny thing is that another South China player (red #30) believes he was fouled (by being pushed in the back). In fact, it was his own team-mate who pushed him!

At 2:15, Referee waves away a penalty appeal. No foul was committed.
At 2:27, Referee makes eye contact with the South China player to re-confirm that there was no foul, and the red shirt accepts this message.

At 3:33, Referee signals for substitutions (South China and Neftchi).

At 5:53, Neftchi (yellow) counter-attacked and had a great chance to score, but were denied by the South China keeper.

At 7:57, Referee signals a goal kick. He is proactive and warns the South China keeper not to delay.

At 8:30, South China player (red #2) fouls Neftchi player (yellow #20). The Referee is quick and decisive but gets the restart position slightly wrong.

At 9:09, Neftchi player (yellow #26) deliberately handles the ball. The Referee is quick to react and correctly cautions him. Yellow #26 also appeared to be offside. As the Referee stops to write in his notebook, his positioning is effective and it clearly tells the South China keeper to be ready for restart.

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