Tuesday 23 March 2010

First a Cool-Down Period Before Talking with Referees

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was obviously unhappy about Martin Atkinson's red card during the Arsenal v West Ham premier league match on Saturday 20 March 2010. The final score was 2—0.

[Martin Atkinson sends off Thomas Vermaelen]

Atkinson—who was at the halfway line during the breakaway—had to rely on his assistant referee Phil Sharp who quickly flagged Thomas Vermaelen's foul on West Ham's Guillermo Franco. As a result, Atkinson had no choice but to send off Vermaelen for denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity and award a penalty.

At half-time, Wenger is clearly waiting at the touch line to express his opinion to the referee. Managers, players and fans must accept a cool-down period before trying to discuss match-related incidents with match officials.

[Not a good idea: Arsene Wenger having words with the referee at half-time]

[Arsene Wenger would probably have better luck engaging the dinosaur than trying to talk with referees at half-time!]

The time to talk with match officials is post-match and after a cooling-down period.

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