Monday, 22 March 2010

Players’ Theatrics

The following occurred during a Division One league match between Citizen and Fourway Rangers on Thursday 18 March 2010 at Kowloon Bay Sports Ground. The attendance was 159.

Citizen Player Playacting

Citizen player (green #7) makes a meal out of being fouled. Observe how he rolls around (about a dozen times, no less) while holding on to his left knee as if for dear life!

One would think that in the event of a serious injury, it would be best to remain still since further movement to the injured area may worsen the damage. For referees, this is a big hint that the player is overreacting. Spectators (all 159 of them!) were just laughing at the player’s over-the-top theatrics. Observe how the player refuses the stretcher, then bends at the waist to check both his lower legs (and not his left knee), and then walk off the pitch. Exactly 20 seconds later, green #7 is running actively up the touch line and re-enters the pitch at the halfway line as though he was a fresh substitute running onto the pitch!

The Citizen player #7 is Festus Baise and he is the team captain.

Citizen Goal Celebration Theatrics

He scores, he dances! Citizen player (#30) is Jose Wellington Bento Dos Santos who scored the match's first goal. The match finished a 1—1 draw.

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