Tuesday, 16 March 2010

HKFC v Tuen Mun: Penalty Shout

The following occurred during a Hong Kong Division Two top-of-the-table league clash between Hong Kong Football Club and Tuen Mun on Saturday 6 March 2010.

With the match evenly poised in the opening stages, a penalty decision (as seen by these 5 freeze frames) could have decided the conclusion of the match earlier.

[Tuen Mun goalkeeper (black) mistimes his tackle and clips the left foot of HKFC forward (white)]

[Since no foul was given, restart should have been a goal kick not a corner kick OR if the referee believed there was simulation then a caution to HKFC player and an indirect free kick to Tuen Mun should have been awarded]

Match highlights can be seen here: HKFC vs Tuen Mun

The match finished 3—1. HKFC are now in pole position leading up to the final league matches in Division Two.

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