Monday 15 March 2010

Violent Conduct Unseen By Match Officials But Caught On Camera

The following occurred during a Division Two league match between Hong Kong Football Club and Ongood on Saturday 20 February 2010.

Violent Conduct at Hong Kong Football Club

Toward the end of the first half, HKFC attacker (white #20) runs behind Ongood defender (red #3) and uses his elbow to strike the defender in the back of the head. This is serious gamesmanship and had the match officials actually seen this act of violent conduct, then the HKFC attacker would no doubt have been sent off.

Two Fouls at Hong Kong Football Club

In the second half, HKFC attacker (white #20) challenges for the ball. Even though he may have made contact with the ball, his challenge is reckless and Ongood player (red #4) is fortunate to escape injury. A clue to the nature of this challenge is the cynical use of the left arm after the follow through with the right leg.

Ongood player (red #7) fouls HKFC player (white #7). However, he appears to think there was nothing wrong with charging an opponent who has jumped straight up to head the ball. If the situation were reversed, he would most likely be shouting for a foul.

The match finished HKFC 2 — 1 Ongood.

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