Tuesday 26 June 2012

Germany vs Greece: Observations and Impressions Part One

The following incidents occurred during the Euro 2012 quarterfinal between Germany and Greece on Friday 22 June 2012. The match finished 4—1. There were 2 YCs.

One: Tight offside by AR1
In 1' AR1 Primož Arhar calls a tight offside against Germany (white). Here's the play:

About five yards in front of the Referee (yellow) a Germany player who in this freeze frame is 'obscured from the camera's view' by a Greece player (blue) passes the ball forward. During tight offside decisions, should ARs give the benefit of doubt to the attacking team?

Two: Correct offside by AR1
In 5' AR1 Arhar calls a correct offside against Germany. Here are the freeze frames:

The German player who was in an offside position as the ball was crossed made contact with the ball and was therefore correctly penalized

Three: Poor Positioning of EAR1
In 11' EAR1 Slavko Vinčić noticeably jumps into the FOP to give himself a view of whether the ball crosses the goal line following a sliced shot from Germany's Marco Reus (white 21). Apparently, the goal frame appears to be hindering his view!!
EAR1 Vinčić jumps into the FOP

What is the optimal position for EARs to best decide whether or not the whole of the ball has crossed the goal line?

Four: Classic Cowboy Crouch by EAR1
In 23' Greece goalkeeper Michalis Sifakis saves a tame shot from Germany midfielder Mesut Ozil (white 8). EAR1 Vinčić has assumed the Classic Cowboy Crouch (perhaps made infamous by Clattenburg?) to show he is putting serious effort into his duties.

Five: Correct Onside by AR2
At about 30' Greece (blue) attack and AR2 Matej Žunič is well positioned and focused … and, I might add, is holding the flag in his left hand as he runs down the touch line toward the goal line. This means the flag is relatively still, unfurled and clearly visible to the Referee. Here are the freeze frames:

AR2's flag is relatively still, unfurled and clearly visible to the Referee

Six: Good Advantage
In 33' a Greece player is tripped but Referee Skomina plays a good advantage that results in Greece having a shot on goal. Skomina's arms are raised high above his head (almost straight up in the air) as he runs (for a similar incident, see the end note at this post). Here are the freeze frames:

Referee Skomina plays a good advantage

The First Goal and One Good Reason To Referee
In the 39', the game's first goal is scored by Germany captain Philip Lahm (white 16). Here are the freeze frames:

Simply lovin' it !!

I cannot speak for other Referees, but for me this is one of the reasons why I love refereeing … having the opportunity to be able to see such quality goals from "the best view" on the pitch … or as some may say, "from the best seat in the house".

Seven: AR1 Denies Opportunity to Play Advantage
In the 50' near the right touch line at halfway, the ball breaks kindly for Greece but AR1 Arhar waves his flag to indicate a handball against Germany's Andre Schurrle. Greece had possession and the opportunity to attack, but AR1 Arhar prevented this by flagging for handball, which incidentally was not deliberate.
[No pics, sorry]

Eight: AR1 Poor Offside Call Due to No Wait and See
In the 54', a long ball by Greece evades everyone and flies high over players and out over the goal line for a goal kick. However, AR1 Arhar raised his flag for offside against Greece, even though the player (Dimitris Salpingidis) who was standing in an offside position had no chance to make contact with the ball.
[No pics, sorry]

This post about my Observations and Impressions During Germany vs Greece continues with Part Two.

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  1. Splendid thread and good observations. You made my day with the term "Clattenburg's Classic Cowboy Crouch" :D Awesome.