Friday, 29 June 2012

Spain vs France: Observations and Impressions

The following incidents occurred during the Euro 2012 quarterfinal match between Spain and France on Saturday 23 June 2012. The match finished 2—0. There were 3 YCs.

In the 80' AR1 Renato Faverani makes a good offside call against Spain forward Fernando Torres (red). Here are the freeze frames:

Notice EAR1 assuming the Classic Cowboy Crouch (CCC) pose

In the 90' Referee Nicola Rizzoli awards a penalty, which is only the third penalty from 27 matches at the Euro championships so far (Note: the first penalty was in Match 1, with the next two being awarded over two weeks and over 20 matches later in Match 26 and now in this Match 27). Here are the freeze frames:

France (white) concede a late penalty

It is a clumsy challenge by France defender Reveillere (white 13) on Spain attacker Pedro (red 7). This is the Referee's probable viewing angle:

Note: This foul incident inside the penalty area is similar to the Balotelli—Pique incident during the Spain vs Italy group match where the Referee awarded a DFK to Pique, the defending player (but IMHO Pique fouled Balotelli from behind). The difference is that here Referee Rizzoli had a clear view (i.e. he did not have to stoop and peek around some players who were blocking his view, unlike Referee Viktor Kassai as mentioned here) and therefore it was a clear penalty.

EAR1 Gianluca Rocchi gives his impressions of Determination, Effort and Focus on the goal line:

How does the CCC poise of EARs compare with the standard SSS poise of ARs?

Key (as described here):
CCC = Classic Cowboy Crouch (adopted by Mark Clattenburg and other EARs)
SSS = Straight Soldier's Stance (used by all ARs)

The match officials were:
Referee: Nicola Rizzoli (ITA)
Assistant referees: Renato Faverani (ITA), Andrea Stefani (ITA)
Fourth official: Craig Thomson (SCO)
Additional assistant referees: Gianluca Rocchi (ITA), Paolo Tagliavento (ITA)

Note: Spain's Fluid System A Joy To Watch When It Works
Turn away if you are NOT INTERESTED in team formations, fluidity and fantasy.

In the 19', Spain prod and probe and expose their French opponents to score a beautiful goal. Here are the freeze frames:

Xabi Alonso runs clean through the park and through the Portuguese midfield to apply the winning header

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