Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Smarter Than The Average Player

IMHO, generally speaking match officials are a given here but the theme of this post is not about Referees but about players. So, who are the smart players?

They are the ones who take time to look at the Laws and then adapt with reference to them. When it comes to goal celebrations, Manchester City's Carlos Tevez leads the pack ...

When it comes to goal celebrations without picking up silly cautions, Carlos Tevez shows he is clearly smarter than the average player.

BTW, I had been meaning to mention this incident:

This was the moment when Bayern Munich's Bastian Schweinsteiger scored the winning penalty in the shootout to advance to the 2012 Champions League Final against Chelsea. Referee Viktor Kassai (Hungary) did not caution Schweinsteiger; had he been shown a YC then the German international would have missed the Final.

The specific post was drafted in June but never published. I have now posted it so that it can be linked with this post should anyone wish to research or consider the mitigating details.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: The idea for this post about mandatory cautions for removing shirts during goal celebrations mostly came from the inspirational comments mentioned in Kicking Back.

Also, Kicking Back's statement that "FIFA, or the relevant competition authority should have the ability to correct decisions after the fact" is worth considering seriously. See an earlier related post about this called "The Reciprocal Appeal".

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  1. About Schweinsteiger case:
    At the moment Bastian scored a goal (and the referee blew the whistle) it was end of match (fact from laws). After that moment players can celebrate. Nowhere in the laws of the game is written that after the finish of the match players are not allowed to undress. It is stated that they can be cautioned for unsporting behaviour untill they leave the pitch. There was no unsporting behaviour because celebrating after the match it is treated differently as between the match.